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i'm Summer, i'm a baby.
Proud Palestinian loser.
studying Veterinary medicine
Dubai - West Texas


My gender

having to keep a hair color you h8 bc dyeing it anything else would make it fall out is a special kind of purgatory

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I want my hair like this bc y not who cares

my dad called me and made me listen to him order Taco Bell for fifteen minutes before getting to the point of the call. And he couldn’t read the signs and the drive thru attendant was getting overwhelmed and I was too high for any of it

I have not eaten all day and yet I’ve pooped three times and now I understand why they call the body a work of art.

spheress I love you and protest doubly hard for me!

I would die right now for all the lives Gaza hasn’t yet lost.
I’m losing my home country and I can’t do anything about it.
Soon I won’t have any home to go back to, al Masoud castle will be rubble.

Me: “I used to think I needed help but then I just started smoking pot dad.”
Dad: “…”

Had convo with my dad about my head and stuff.

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How to save money: stay home and play N64 for a month.

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